Flamingo nxt 5.5 Issue

When I start the rendering this is what I get…not sure it’s a good thing. If you zoom into the render panel it says “Abnormal Termination” with great big numbers in the Number of Passes fields…and then goes no further. Any ideas??? Tonight I will try reloading and perhaps a trial run on another file. This file is about 50 megs…


Just to check, you’re using the latest build of nXt right? https://www.rhino3d.com/download/flamingo/5/latest Also check that Rhino 6 is up to date with the Help menu>check for updates.

Can you reproduce the same issue with another file including a very simple one?

Good call Brian. As I just bought and installed both Rhino 6 and upgraded Flamingo to match, I assume all is up to date. However, you know what they say about assuming so tonight I’ll run the trusty “Check for Updates” to insure I’m up to date. Then I’ll try another file and see what’s up.

Sounds good, if you still have an issue and need to send the file to tech, you can use https://www.rhino3d.com/upload Please put a link to this forum topic in the comments.