Flamingo material file association

Windows was referencing .ArMaterial files with Adobe Acrobat. Rhino / Flamingo won’t look at them. Changing to- Opens with: Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit) isn’t right.
What’s the default for those file references?

Acrobat isn’t a tool I use so I’m going to need some details from you.

  • What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
  • Can you please post a simple, specific example that illustrates the problem?
  • Does this error only happen in Acrobat?
  • Are these missing materials actually used in Flamingo in Rhino, or can you Purge them out if they are unused?

BTW - I assigned your message to the Rendering > Flamingo category.


Things seem to have happened, hidden folders and such in computer rebuilding. Once un-hiding the ProgramData folder so that Rhino/Flamingo would see the materials files, I found that they were associated with Adobe Acrobat. Thus, when opening the material in Rhino/Flamingo it tried to open Glass-Frosted.ArMaterial in a separate session of Adobe. It would appear that re-associating the .ArMaterial files to Rhino is not the answer. It now opens a separate session of Rhino. I am trying to get IT to reload Flamingo.

Then using Windows Control Panel to “Repair” the Flamingo install might be the easiest option. This should re-run the file associations in the installer package.

Any luck?

IT with Admin rights logged in and repaired Flamingo nXt en-us Libraries and Rhino recognized the materials again.