Flair is back in wip v9

use command setflair

love me some pencil sketch…

drag this plugin to a running v9 wip and then load the “rhino flair” panel for a better UI workflow.

as always let us know what you like (and hate) about it

Flair.rhp (537 KB)


A few thoughts about this tool-

In my mind, this is not a display mode, it’s not a render style, it’s not a filter pack…

it’s an art supply…Like paint or chalk or pencils.

flair will affect a scene differently in reaction to lighting, materials, reflections, transparency, flair type etc… for instance, you can ray trace an image for a few samples, then stop it, leaving a ton of noise in it, then apply flair to that image and get wild painterly like effects.

Like an art supply it’s got a lot of things that you can explore… also like an art supply it can be a bit tough to replicate a “look” from one model to the next.

check out my flair gallery here My flair testing gallery

Notice the different stuff you can do with it, and feel free to experiment beyond just applying a flair at it’s defaults… mess with lights, materials (shiny stuff looks different than matte etc) , focal blur, backgrounds, textures, and display mode (pencil on a wireframe gives a cool effect) etc

biggest issue atm is it’s windows only…

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Ok, that’s neat

Does this supposed to also work on Mac?

I get this when I try


In above post:

How? :grimacing:


You probably have to unblock the rhp before dragging it into Rhino
Rendered vs Flair

Hi @Gijs
Na, just had to actually run the SetFlair command - and select an actual Flair “flavour”… Flairvour :joy: first - then the panel appeared in the “Show panels”-list :+1:

I can’t seem to find the panel to turn on in the 07-02 WIP, I can only run SetFlair.

I think you currently need this to have that panel:

Hmm didn’t seem to work the first time but I see it now…