Fixing a Tiny Naked edge

Problem26.3dm (265.1 KB)

In the attached file, I am trying to add to parts together. After joining 2 naked edges, I am left with this tiny edge that I cannot select with Join Naked Edges.

How do I close this gap?

Just explode the object, delete the problem faces. Then use Surface Planar curves to fill the opening with just one surface.

A dumb answer that perhaps I’ll get scolded for suggesting is to boolean union a small cube at that location. If your destination is 3d print I’ve done this a few times to fix those persistent tiny edges (what look like naked points)

Or, the magic test command TestRemoveAllNakedMicroloops.



The TestRemoveMicroloops had no effect on this on. It has worked on others for me.

Wow, Pascal. That is magic even 3 years later!
That problem has stumped me for a while.