What command to seal up a microscopic gap shown with show naked edges?

show naked edges shows a single point, I zoom in and in and in ! and at micron level there is a gap, at that zoom one cannot trust what we see I find from experience. surfaces dont show as per exact, lines can show a non join up when intersect show they do etc.

is there a command to plug that minute whatever it is ? I seem to remember there was to save us this pain, as we all experience it.

It was where fillet was trimmed as it went beyond the curved edge. I have been ultra careful throughout, booleans working all the time, miracle. then suddenly they fail, on same item they were working on, all I can think of is this minute naked edge is now the cause, yet the area has behaved itself until I tried for another fillet.

I am redoing it all, so nothing to post as a file, but if it does it again I can then fix it !


there is a test command that does that is called

is that ok for V5 and how does one get hold of it ?



It works in V5. Just create an “alias”. I named mine 1edge.

Hi Tony9,

I look up what create an “alias” is.

ok so he takes characters and creates a double function.
I am lost,
I then see:-
now thats where I get to give it a name such as 1edge or zapagap !

but not sure what goes in the box to right of the name. Would it be the lettering:-
Have I already got this command running ?
I tried typing testRemoveAllNakedMicroloops into the command line and it asked me to select polys so it appears that its already in V5 though I dont recall ever putting it there, maybe I did.
Is it native to V5 ?


Here is my alias(screenshot)
Click new.
On Alias I used 1edge. You can put whatever name you want’
On command macro type “testRemoveAllNakedMicroloops” (no quotation marks)

I shall use zapagap, being a scale modeller. (if I ever get time)
How does the command work I wonder, does it move the curve a gnats whisker that was the cause, or create new surface with some new lines/curves ?


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FWIW in V6 it’s now just RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges