Fix the SafeFrame for ratios and resolutions different from the monitor

The purpose of the SafeFrame in any CAD software is to enable an accurate preview “in camera” of the elements which are going to be visible in a final rendering (or in a CaptureViewToFile). Therefore the Safeframe should also respect portraitmode and resolutions higher than the monitor is running. It has never been the case in Rhino in 6, 7 SR1-37 or in 8 SR1-7. The SafeFrame implementation is awfull and not usefull for eg 900x1800 px or 1200x1600 px if you run on a 1920x1080 px monitor. You just need the aspect ratio to be correct. You don’t need it to show pixels in 1:1, and you have no need for other options than the “Live Action” as the default if the color can be set to any color (not always yellow).


This issue has been reported multiple times on Windows since 7 and 6 - maybe even Rhino 5.