Fix geometry at certain points, and rotate about point to match 2 other points

In Rhino, is it possible to fix geometries at certain positions in space, and then rotate said geometry while keeping it fixed at that point?

The problem is that I want to match 3 points of this geometry with 3 other points in space. Once I match the first point, I want the geometry to be able to freely rotate about that point, and then match it with the 2nd point.
After these 2 points are fixed, I will rotate the geometry again to match it with a 3rd point.

This requirement is like the ‘mate’ function available in Solidworks.
PFA file for reference

Open to all solutions, even if it is in grasshopper.

Thank you for your help!

match points.3dm (55.1 KB)

That sounds like Orient3Pt

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Obvious solution, thank you!