Realignment of multiple reference points (whilst grouped with surfaces)

Hi, I am hoping someone may have some more experience than me with realigning structures with the use of reference points.

I have a number of surfaces that have been modelled (using a MicroScribe digitiser) in the file attached. With each surface modelled there are associated reference points that have been included to realign the surfaces. I have already grouped the references points with their corresponding surface/s.

I know that I can rotate and move structures manually using the appropriate commands, but I am hoping that there is another command that I can use to more easily and accurately realign the surfaces using the reference points.

I am currently using RhinoV4, and I understand that this is an older version, but even if someone knows how to carry out such a process on a newer version of Rhino, then please let me know!
Rhino_ realignment model.3dm (1.5 MB)

Any help is greatly appreciated!



Hi Georga - see if Orient3Pt does anything you like.


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Perfect, thanks Pascal, I really appreciate it!