Editing imported geometry - also storing it for later use

Here is my design process. I import geomety to Rhino. I am processing it grasshopper, and thus 3d points are generated. These 3d points are my default geometry. Now I want edit (change ) the position of the generated 3d points. For changing the point position, so far I have tried writing them to excel (via Bumbleebee) and read them back to see them in 3d. The method works in theory, but practically when I using a large geometry the read and write times and the processing time of the new geometry is very long (sometimes even takes 2-5 minutes). So practically it is not a viable solution. I see that HUMAN UI has a data table widget which I suspect it can be used editing the data. I have find no description how to use the data table widget. However I am not sure that it can be a solution for my problem.
Any ideas how to overcome on the problem?

Changing the coordinates by hand? You mentioned that you have so many points that it takes minutes to transfer them elsewhere. This means you must have millions upon millions of them. It’s hard to imagine wanting to edit them individually by typing new coordinate values in Excel. I think I probably misunderstand the process here.

I edit the 3d point manually or semi manually. in fact these point are always along a line, and in fact I am storing the lines and the proportions along the line were the point are located. IN on geometry max about 2-3000 points but I will change only max 50-100 of them. I make decision which one is changed by a watching the model. I guess 2000-3000 pints +another geometry date containing just. I made a small excel sample file for just 6 faces model, but I cannot attach here since the page does not allow me to attach excel files.Is there way to do this?

You could zip them, but I do not have Excel installed so it wouldn’t help me.

Data can be edited directly by hand in Grasshopper as well. If you convert your points to text in the form “x,y,z” and then paste them into a Text Panel, the text panel can be edited and the points recreated. Alternatively, you can replace specific lines in a text panel with other lines, allowing you to override certain points without having to deal with the entire text block all at once.

I’d like to see come pictures of the data you have and how you want to edit it, otherwise my suggestions are quite likely to miss the point entirely.

In fact the geometry includes triangular faces. The edges which is common in two adjacent triangles are not changing during the design process. So instead of storing actual point data (x,y,z) I store the edge id the second column and the proportion length of the point along the edge (yellow) column. Every point data corresponds to some geometry data which is also stored in two columns after the yellow column. What you see here the data of a six face geometry. Yes it has only four rows because the six face has only 4 common edges, and the geometry always put only on common edges only. On the next screen you can see the current solution for editing the geometry, With the circular control knob I change the point location on the edge and with the sliders additional geometry data. When the point reach the appropriate position, or I change the geometry sliders I push on of the corresponding Boolean buttons and data is written to the corresponding row of the excel sheet. Maybe you can see the problem now. This is an example of six face geometry, but the real ones can be 200-500 faxes. At this amount of data excel read write is very slow I guess primarily because grasshopper reads the whole excel table when it changes. It would be nice if I could arrange the grasshopper could handle only those excel rows which are changed, not the whole excel table. I am looking for any solution which works quicker than the current one.