Fitting a couch around a corner

Hi everyone, I was attempting to put together something that could visualize different sizes boxes rotating around a 90 degree corner, the old, “will this couch fit” question.
So far I’ve got something but it’s a bit arbitrary as far as dimension. I’ve got one corner to ride the bottom wall and the total length to stay constant with a parameter however the width fluctuates as it turns the corner.

The idea was actually to keep the width constant and test out the maximum length that could make it around the corner… Seemed like it could be a fun tool to try when planning a move ha

let me know if you have any input!

Maybe the next step could be some sort of iterative solution?

Box Rotation.3dm (31.6 KB)
Box (8.2 KB)

the pivot method. :grin:


There has been quite a lot of study of maximal sofas that can fit round a corner. In fact it is still an open problem:

it also plays a role in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams

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Haha I forgot about the Friends episode I’ll have to go back and watch, and that excerpt from the Adams book was pretty funny and well written.

TBH I didn’t even search couch related questions, I was trying to just come up with a comparative situation that would make the problem easier to understand haha. In actuality we’re moving large crates of varying sizes in and out of freight elevators and platforms. But the couch problem might return some more answers for me.

Thanks for the replys!