Fit Loft problem

Hi grasshopper expert,
can someone help me to make this loft correctly i don’t find the cause of this deformation,
‘‘specifically with this component’’. (40.9 KB)

Adjust Seams! (47.4 KB)


thank you for your time but i don’t want use this component for lofting
thanks :ok_hand:

Funny, the title says loft problem but you don’t want to loft?


You need to adjust the seams of the curves to make the loft work.

Sorry, maybe the problem is not clear enough for you
i want to ceate surface by this component

Ok, there are two ways to do fix the direction of your curves.

  1. get the first curve and use this as a guide curve to flip the rest of the curves

  2. deconstruct the curve planes and calculate the dot product with a Z vector. A negative dot product means the normal is pointing downwards and the curve direction is wrong and needs to be flipped.

lofting (1).gh (56.2 KB)

PS: I updated your topic title.


thank you it’s very helpful

In that case plase click the Solution button above. Thanks