Loft goes wrong what is the problem?

hello together,

i try to loft a cone but it goes wrong, i hope you guys can help me to get a more smooth finish
like the right one in the picture i loft with rhino, i do this in grasshopper because i like to
play arround with the circle radius. it build from 3 parts a pentagon and 2 circles

i upload a picture and the grashopperfile



loft (2.9 KB) loft sculpture.3dm (124.3 KB)

Can you also post the 3dm file with the references curves and points?

David Rutten

i upload it

Have you checked the direction of the curves? Flipping one might do the trick.

I checked your file, and your bottom curve has the opposite direction of the others. So it makes sense to flip it.

hi thanks for the anwer, you right the direction was different but it dont fix the problem
but it looks better …

now i try it again and have a twist inside

see the pics

The Grasshopper Loft component will not automatically adjust closed curve seams, you might want to look at connecting a LoftOptions component to Loft which will allow you to do that, or adjust the seams beforehand with the CurveSeam component.


You can use the _CrvSeam command to manually adjust the start of the curves too.

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thanks holo it looks now way better crvseam ! thanks

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Holo, you saved me also with the _CrvSeam command; I had the same problem, but now is fixed, thanks

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