Finite element analyse of Fibre bases structures

Hello, What is the joint type of this lattice structure? In associated articles, there is no information in this regard. As illustrated in articles, in the first step there is membrane-based analyse, but the vague is for the second part when carbon fibres are added to critical regions. How we can analyse the second part in karamba. How we can model the intersection of the carbon fibre, the black one, with glass fibres inside every component?

Hi, you can definitely calculate this in Karamba3D. You need to convert all the elements into lines so that you can analyze them as beams in Karamba3D. You can define the joint, material of all the elements to simulate the behavior. I would look into reducing the complexity of the model at first by even possibility combining parallel threads into one element.

In terms of the actual construction and modelling technique the researchers used, you would need to get in touch with them directly.