Finding triangles connected to every node of a gridshell structure


I am working on a double curved grid structure and facing problems calcuating the loads on the vertices.

There is uniformly distributed self loading on the grid so I need the triangles connected to each node. After that I would be able to alculate the loaded Area for the vertices.

Eg.: for the node marked with green I need the area of the 6 connecting triangles (to calculate the yellow area which contributes to the loading of the given vertex).

The structure: (7.1 KB)

Thank you! (16.6 KB)

There’s not a built in component for this, but it is easy to do with a one line script:

    A = M.Vertices.GetVertexFaces(V);

I’ve also shown in the definition above how you can make the lines into a mesh using Weaverbird, since your file only included the lines. If you already have the mesh you won’t need this step.

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Awesome, thank you for your help!

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