Stuck on Mesh Problem from the AAD textbook

Hi everyone. I’m new to using Grasshopper and working my way through the Algorithms Aided Design textbook. One of the exercises uses Weaverbird’s Diamond Panels to create a grid.

The Diamond Panels node has a Tri Panels output which gives a frame around the diamond panel of what should be triangles. However when I try to weld and join my inner diamond meshes and the outside frame together it does not work, most likely because these triangle meshes are showing up as an “invalid mesh” data type. Looking at the points in each mesh it appears they are composed of 4 instead of three points, usually with an duplicate of arbitrary logic or two points that are very very close. Would this be why these meshes are invalid? Any ideas on what is going wrong here? I can’t see any difference between my sketch and the one in the book. (172.1 KB) (167.6 KB)


Thank you!

I wonder how they were able to get away without using SimpleMesh in the book. Maybe the old version of WeaverBird handled thins differently.