Mesh Adjacency

Hello everybody,

is there any way to evaluate the number of meshes surrounding a specific mesh? as an instance, I want to discrete those two triangle meshes which have 3 meshes in their adjacency from

the others which have two or one.

Hi Mahanmotamedi1991,

you can try it with this example.
It uses the plug-in Mesh+ ( and weaverbird to subidivide the mesh ( which is optional in your case!).
With Mesh+ you can obtain different data from your mesh, like connectivity or angles etc…

Hope it helps!

Mesh - (19.3 KB)

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just for fun, checking how many mid-points of an edge there are. 4 means 1 adjacent face, 5=2 and 6=3.
probably best to use a mesh plugin as Bumaye suggested. (10.5 KB)


Can you please share your "face boundaries’ component file?

I’m pretty sure it’s native to Grasshopper.

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Have a look at this: (20.1 KB)
Hope i got it right.

If you need to work with convex shapes, you could just shorten external perimeter segments by 0.001% (so endpoint doesn’t touch start point of next segment) and use them instead.

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Thanks Amir.