Finding help

Sorry but yet again I find myself asking a question I should know the answer to or be able to easily find.
Where can I find a list of shortcuts (such as IP for Infinite Plane) that I can use as a command line option? Also, is there a way to get to the “user_interface” help section in the help files? The reason I ask is that searching for “infiniteplane” in the help files shows “InfinitePlane Options” in “user_interface/infiniteplane.htm” and “Infinite Plane” in “commands/iplane.htm”. The former has more details on when/how IP can be used so I’m assuming that the same will be true for other shortcuts in the “user_interface” section … if I can get there.

Hi Steve - I do not know if there is a list of ‘built in aliases’ which is I guess what IP amounts to - there are others, such as when a command name changes, the old name may be added as a built in alias so as not to mess with people’s scripts or muscle memory.