Finding a Revit Element Floor Boundary?

I have a cluster that can find this from Deconstructing the Brep from Element Geometry.

Just wondering if there is a RIR Component?

This is useful to find all Boundary Vertices if you were setting out the Floor with Set Out Points.

Would also be great to update Floor Boundaries with a new Boundary Curve.

Great component to help find a Flat Floor Profile.

Would be good to find the Top of the Concrete Vertices

Hi User2449,

You can update your boundary curve like so.

Iā€™m not quite following your other question. The geometry of a floor or slab can be analyzed in Grasshopper for the Vertices.

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RiR v1.9 also have this other component, that may help you here.

Or you can go geometrycally like this on previous versions.

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