Find out if the fix is in with GetIssueState

Did you know…

Many times, bugs reported will get filed by one of the McNeel support or development crew and you may get a note back telling you the issue number. You can use the command GetIssueState to enter that number in the latest v6 WIP to see if a fix has been submitted in that build. For instance, “RH-30124” will return an issue state of True in the command line in the current build of the day letting me know the fixed behavior should be seen.


Hi Brian,

did you know…

that ‘GetIssueState’ is an unknown command?


I did not know that… I’ve been using it for a while now when testing and although my daily build is more recent (6.0.16166.17321) it should have been there for a while.

Anyone else see or not see this command?

I see it. On 06-07

Yep, me too…

I added this command back in October. Charles, do you see the “Commands” plug-in listed in the pluginmanager as a loaded plug-in? This is where that specific command is implemented.

Charles, that is odd…

i have the same build and i do have the command.
it autocompletes as soon as i type “get”

Oh well.
Shame on me.

I feel as stupid as I am now, I must have typed this into Rhino 5.
There were so many programs running at that time.
After Windows updates required a restart, I tried again with Rhino 6 as the only running application.
Of course it works…

I apologize for my post.


No worries, I’m glad it’s sorted out, thanks for letting us know.


did you know…

I like this ‘did you know’ things?
What about a static tpoic for this, filled by McNeelies only?


Not a bad idea but I’d suggest just using it as a way to start any new topic in any category. There may be a way to limit posting privileges to McNeel but we don’t know as much as all our users!

Looks like someone tagged this conversation “tips” - any conversation can be tagged with as many tags as we want to make them easier to find later.

I guess that’s the idea, yes. But the help for search doesn’t say anything about tags:

That’s what @BrianJ is requesting in: