New in Rhino 6

The rightmost toolbar group of Rhino 6 is named ‘New in V6’. It lists roughly half of the new commands.

All new commands are listed in this file:
The file is worth reading because it describes many useful innovations. Links in this file take you to sometimes rough and unfinished descriptions of the new commands.

Hello - please run ToolbarReset, restart Rhino, and see if things fill in a bit more.


not much difference - one more button

GetIssueState is my favorite Rhino command. It tells you whether particular bug has been fixed. The bugs are listed in YouTrack website:

For example, if you type “RH-46564” in the search window of the YouTrack website, it displays description of the bug called “RH-46564”. “RH” means Rhino and “46564” is the bug number.

If you type “GetIssueState RH-46564” in Rhino 6.4 command prompt window, Rhino returns “False”, which means that the bug has not been fixed.

According to YouTrack, Rhino had 12539 known bugs on 2018-06-07. Rhino users do not know how many of these bugs have been fixed. YouTrack has nifty bug statistics in its top-right corner, but Rhino users do not have permission to view these statistics.:crying_cat_face: