Find matching branches in Tree

I have a series of branches in a tree that contain the same amount of data.I am trying to identify which branches contain the exact same data.

The end goal is to rename each unique branch a unique name. Matching branches the same name

How is that done? Never heard of naming branches before. You might want to look at Sets, but without posting your GH file, I won’t be able to help.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

I meant naming all the data within the branches the same thing.

Branch (22.4 KB)
Branch Naming.3dm (19.7 MB)

Branch (25.6 KB)

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Awesome thank you

Here is the way I see your data:

  • There are 71 different values beginning with CS59.
  • There are 4 different values beginning with HCH and ending with -8100.
  • There is 1 value of PS05-8000 used by all branches.
  • There is 1 value of TR01-5000 used by all branches.

This is how I got that:

If you concatenate the CS59 and HCH values, once again there are 71 unique values:

So it appears to me that the values beginning with CS59 are unique enough to identify branches that are the same? So that gives me two list: Unique Names and Corresponding Branches:

Branch (33.4 KB)

I’m not quite sure what you want to do with that? Maybe use Tree Branch with the path values from Corresponding Branches to do your renaming? Good luck.

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Yeah I started looking at it in a similar way. Index 2 & 3 (PS and TR) are the same for all. So i took the index 0 & 1 (CS & HCH) and added them together. Took those values to find the unique and duplicate branches.

I use sets a lot and understand them for single lists but get thrown off when I’m looking at groups of data in branches. It works but I was hoping there was a node or method i was unware of that treated the branch as a whole as an individual set in the overall tree.

Anyways I appreciate the help. Thank you

Did you notice that I selected the first value in each list and then flattened the input to CSet? That is the way.

I can’t read the image you posted (too small) and you didn’t post your GH file so I don’t know what you did. Since I don’t have EleFront, perhaps it doesn’t matter.

P.S. Maybe like this? I didn’t bother to rename the HCH values (perhaps not necessary?) but the bits to do that are all there.

Branch (37.0 KB)

I did, the issue is there is about 8 different HCH scattered in there so I need both the CS59 and HCH values… The file i am working with was too big to upload so i deleted a bunch of stuff out. A few HCH types must have been deleted out in the file I uploaded.

I realize too concatenating the first two index, flattening, then create set is the easy way to go.

Thank you