Find similar branches and attribute group/branch color

Hi guys,

I’m trying to find similar branches/groups on a larger date tree based on a smaller unique branches/groups list and get them identified by color.
I have managed to find the unique branches but I’m lacking a clear thought on how to attribute colors so I can get them identified in the larger data tree.

Any input?
Thank you in advance. (1.4 MB)

Hi @PRib ,

How about this?

  1. Create unique color for each group as overall gradient

  1. Create random color for each group

Graph Space: (1.4 MB)

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Hi @michaelvollrath

Thank you for your feedback. This helps to set up the unique group colors - both methods could work just fine. But where I feel I’m most stuck is actually in how I can find the different “unique groups” in the “roof segments” data tree and color them according to the colors of the unique (using for example one of your methods).

The “roof segments” data tree is a combination of the different unique groups/branches repeated several times.

Sorry if I was not that clear before. Actually, It’s not even clean for me how to explain it better. Doing my best :slight_smile:

Translate this to components (good luck). See some challenges inside (for instance SequenceEqual … is a bit too much strict). (1.4 MB)

But … the visual identification based on Colors is 100% pointless. Not even HAL9000 could tell what is where.

Hi @PRib ,

I didn’t even notice the big “bowl” curves first go around :sweat_smile:

Here’s my take if I understand you correctly.

By combining your patterns into a single string value we can use text pattern matching to find the proper colors for each unique matching group.

Graph Space:

Model Space: (1.4 MB)

Thank you @michaelvollrath and @PeterFotiadis

Both suggestions work great!!
@michaelvollrath Your take was exactly what I had in mind, but got somehow stuck when I was trying myself. It was a great help to see how you solved it.

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Glad it works for your purposes! I’m really curious to see larger context/final project when you’re there (if you don’t mind/can share) the form is interesting to me

Take it easy!

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Sure I will!! Feel free to remind me if I keep in silent for long :slight_smile:

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