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Just a short question:

Is there any possibility to filter layers in the Rhino Mac OS X version ? We are just optimizing our personal workflow and now I am very jealous of my college with his Windows System … =)

Thanks in advance.


not sure what layer filters are but i assume it’s something akin to an osx smart folder?

as of now, i know of no way to do that with rhino layers… what i’ve been doing to keep some of the clutter down (well, i’ve only had 2 models before which had enough layers to warrant this) is manually filtering via sublayers…

select a group of layers you’d like to ‘hide’ in the panel then drag/drop them onto a main layer… the sublayers will now be in a collapsed list which makes the layers panel much easier to navigate…

[assuming you didn’t already know about this :wink: ]


Layer filters let you hide layers in the layer dialog based on certain rules. I find it most helpful for finding a layer that I buried deep in some other sub-layers.


oh… yeah, that looks sweet.


I was aiming at the panel:

that SamPage posted. =)

(Margaret Becker) #6

Any ideas @marlin?

(Marlin Prowell) #7

Something like this is not in Mac Rhino yet. The current layers panel was modeled from Rhino V4, so I’m guessing that this was added in V5.