Access layer filters using a macro or script

what do you think dale? there’s been several posts by different users lately about wanting a better layer pane, one common suggestion is to put the filter field right at the top of the layers list, a user could click in the box, type, and enter the filter on the tree. without all the clicks to get to filtered layers through the gui. almost all other software i’ve used recently has some sort of search right there in tree exposed and ready to go.

my main gripes, too many clicks to get to the tool, it’s way buried for being a tool that most users would like to have available all the time. for something this easy and common to a lot of situation we just need some quicker way to do this than the way it is now. and that there is no scripting or macro access to filter layers compounds the problem. using scripting/macros would be less than ideal though for users who aren’t familiar. also, it’s so buried i didn’t even know that was there after 10 years, very hard for new users to discover and old ones a like.

there have been numerous threads about this enhancement spread across the forum within the past few months. i’ll track them down and summarize them as proof of interest if you would like. the people want and need this Dale. you are our only hope. :wink:

here’s a grab from solidworks with their tree filter, note always available at the top of the tree

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I’ve moved this to a new topic in the general Rhino category.

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Hey @kleerkoat,

Here is the current list of layer-related bugs and feature requests:

The List

I believe the feature you are requesting is this:

Add search field to Layers panel

The Layers panel is due for an overhaul, primarily because the Mac and Windows versions do not share the same features. When this work does begin, and I don’t have a timeframe I can provide, all of the items on “The List” will be evaluated.


– Dale

i didn’t realize how many people have been chatting about this. let’s keep that momentum!

@dale realistically, are we gonna see it :wink:

Thanks @kleerkoat for emphasizing the importance of these potential features, and @dale for acknowledging them. Just want to throw in there that I’ve been trying to figure out workarounds but without script / macro access to the layers panel, all my ideas seem flawed.

If anyone has discovered any workarounds in the meantime, I’d love to hear about em!