Filter a Data Tree (that is actually a table)

I have an issue were I can’t think of a solution (please see image). How can I get rid for example of all the items with the index “probe”? The end result should get into an human UI table. Any tip is welcome. Thanks a lot. Best, Christoph

You could use Match Text.

Match (10.3 KB)


Hi HS_Kim,
thanks so much for the effort. (you have even recreated the thing!). I would have never got the match text idea…
how would you do the other way - the delete everything except the “probe”? (like select “probe”)
thanks again!

Because you didn’t post your GH file, it was either that or ignore the thread completely (as I did).

Invert the ‘P’ (Pattern) input on Cull Pattern. Or replace Cull Pattern with Dispatch and get both.

true - next time I post the definition (which was a mess).
thanks for the invert tip!
saw your project page - great projects! (especially the HdM Basel piece!)

In this case, the whole definition isn’t necessary. Just run the text panel input through a Data component, then right-click it and ‘Internalize data’.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Didn’t knew that. :+1: