Text Matching


I have been trying to make a map based on Open street map file and the plug in called Elk2

There was a problem that I encountered while I was working on the project.
I have a set of data from the file (panel in the left). I would like to extract only the data that includes “height” in the list. So I used Match Text component but it seems not working as I expected (with all the boolean are showing false in the panel in the right.) I would like to get true at the item index that has height information.

Mismatch is happening at {27; 0}, 5 where it says “height: 11.5”

Please help me figure out since I am such a beginner of Grasshopper!

Thank you ahead!

check it here


Ohhhh I see
Thank you so much!
Do you know any site where I can check the panel functions?

Yeah once I just saw this and never could find it again…

Thank you for helping me a lot!!