Fillmeshhole not working

I have split mesh of a box like shape and now have big hole in one side. I tried fillmeshhole but it didnt work. I actually thought the box was solid s I’d created it using patch dragging up a 2d rectangle but it seems hollow although when I print it in 3D it comes out solid.
So while I can see inside the box and it seems hollow I am not sure it is and I dont know what to do aboutt he hole in one side.
Please help

Can you post the file here?

Try “rebuildmeshnormals”, sometimes when you use the automatic fill mesh holes it reverses some of the faces and you can see inside the object from the side that was just filled.
You can also use “Meshrepair” which on simpler mesh objects can work very easily and quickly. But it will give you a breakdown of what is going on with your mesh.


That didnt work. How can I attach the file as mesh has a zide missing following the mesh split command.


Hi all

Please can you tell me how to fix the mesh at this link. It wont print. Its a clip I need for my camera. I grew it from a photo silhouette taken in bl
ender and tried to simplify mesh by reducing control points.


Don’t bother trying to fix the existing mesh - it’s really bad. I would remodel it from scratch using the mesh part as a guide, create some new profiles, extrude them, some BooleanDifferences for the holes and recesses, it’s probably 15 minutes work to get a clean, watertight model.