Filling in meshes


I was recently sent a mesh for a sculpting project. The mesh is a hollow cracked egg and I am trying to fill the center in. How do I go about this, and I apologize for the question being vague.

Hi Andrew- see what FillMeshHoles does here… My guess is the shape there will not be what you want, but let’s start there. Can you post a half egg so I can see what you’ve got, or send it to


Just tried the FillMeshHoles command and it did not work. Here’s what I am working on. The egg was most likely created in SolidWorks

I am trying to fill the mesh flat-flush to were the cracks end.

So you want to lose the inner part if the shell - but it is a mesh correct? If so, ExtractMeshPart the inner surface of a shell and delete, then see how FillMeshHoles works. But, it would be easier to help if I had the file…