Filling the openings in trimmed surfaces


I made a grashopper file to do some tests on window configurations for daylight analysis.
I managed to ‘cut out’ the windows out of my walls, but I’m stuck now trying to fill these openings with geometry which would represent the glass in Grasshopper.

I had a few strategies in mind to do this but so far haven’t managed to model any of them successfully in grashopper.

First I was thinking that I should just be able to extract the pieces which I’ve just trimmed away, but there seems to be no way to do so?

Second I was thinking about projecting the box rectangle on the wall and making a surface from this projected curve, but projecting a box on a surface didn’t seem to work.

Third I was thinking about moving the points used to make the openings left and right on the curve, drawing a line between them and then extruding that line the height of the opening, but I can’t figure out how to move a point along a curve…

Can anyone help me fill in the voids I just created in the ‘wall’ surface with some ‘windows’?

(The model will eventually be used in Honeybee for daylight studies, so the windows can be just super simple planes)


20230427 automated openings_for forum.3dm (237.1 KB)
Automated openings_for (40.4 KB)

There are many different ways. Here is one quick example:
Automated openings_for (35.9 KB)

Wow! That was way easier than I thought!
I didn’t know about the BBX command yet.
Thanks a lot for your help!

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