Surface from non-closed curves

Hello everybody!

I would like to find a way in grashopper to fill the area I created with these lines.
(in the end I want to be able to offset the edges of these areas)

Since those lines I have are not closed lines, I am not able to create surfaces with it. (I know I am able to bake them and make the surface in Rhino, but I think/hope there is a way to do it automatically in grashopper)

I already tried the weaverbird plugin (wBweave) as suggested in one of the posts here, but that gives an error (edge count is too low) and no clue how to solve that.

Grashopper question (8.3 KB)

Thanks in advance!

There is a little rough(not that smart) but simple way using Surface Split.
For offsetting boundaries, you can use native Offset Curve, but depend on the offset distance, the results may not be consistent. You could use clipper when if you are OK with the results are polylines…

Grashopper question (11.9 KB)


Thank you very much!
With the polyoffset command it works pretty well!

Thanks for the quick response!

BTW: Split Surface (in fact Split a BrepFace with a Curve collection) takes ages to finish: Imagine having 1K curves or more … meaning that this is not the way to do it.

See attached (but the bad news are that this is a code based solution). There’s an even faster (approx 10 times) way to do that … but as it is fast enough for up to, say. 300 curves. (128.9 KB)