FilletSrf fails unless objects exploded what is best way on the slotted shape?

Hi, V5

I have a shape I have slots in, if I filletSrf it 0.1 inch rad nothing happens, I have to explode the rear unit but not the front part, why ?
Then filletSrf works but the fillet goes bad lower left.
The rear disc wont allow any fillet , its made with an extruded circle.

Must one explode everything to fillet srf ?

What is best practice, filletsrf then make slots in this, or should filletSrf handle the slotted one ?

filletsrf fail HSS.3dm (342.4 KB)


Hi Steve - the Cyan object is an extrusion object and FilletSrf in V5 does not recognize it - you can ConvertExtrusion to make it into a polysurface.

Unioning the two parts and using FilletEdge is probably the cleanest way to go


Hi Pascal, ok understood.
That has helped me in another similar problem, see attached . I was trying to use FilletSrf but as soon as one picks the upright having picked the base, it fillets and removes the rear half.
Why does Fillet Srf not allow multiple surfaces to be picked ?

As such I joined the two parts then used FilletEdge (not in file attached but it worked)

What is best practice with attached ?

With the join then fillet edge, technically speaking the tops of the fillets dont all match, is there a fix for that, or just messing about with different values, but I imagine odd effects might happen and corners need fixing.
filletSrf fail slider.3dm (97.6 KB)

If that was a domed weld is there a domed fillet command ?


Hello- what are you trying to accomplish here? Realism or precision? A fillet or a representation of a weld? or? The FilletEdge tool does what it is supposed to do, there is no ‘fix’ for anything that I can see.