Filleting edges of two joined breps

Hi everyone,
I’ve run into this issue and haven’t been able to find solutions online.

Basically, I have two cylinders at different angles that intersect, as shown in the picture.

I want to fillet the edge generated from the intersection, shown in blue below. to do this, i tried to join the breps (i also tried boolean interection), but unfortunately this doesn’t generate the edge that i want to fillet. How can i do this?

I’m also attaching the file in case you want to have a look
filleting (8.4 KB)

thanks in advance for your help!

Do you want to do this in Grasshopper or Rhino?

In both cases what you need to first notice is that you can’t have a fillet with constant radius. Your fillet is maximal at the lower part of the cylinder and 0 at both ends of your blue line.

From there you can easily come up with a strategy to 1) find the intersection between both sets of cilinders and (2) then trim each of them by the intersection curve, and lastly (3) create a variable fillet

filleting (10.7 KB)

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filleting (13.7 KB)

in grasshopper. thanks for the help, i will try that!

no because i need the pipes to be cylinders, subd doesnt work for this design. thanks anyway!

amazing thank you!! will give that a try