Merging, Blending and/or Filleting Surfaces in Rhino or Grasshopper

I have 4 surfaces, the selected one in the image shares an edge with the other 3. I am trying to fillet that edge, so that it is a fairly uniform curvylinear smooth edge, as if it is sanded, instead of the acute edge I have now. I have tried everything, both in Rhino and Grasshopper. Any ideas?

Hello - FilletSrf should help here.


No. It doesn’t work. It keeps giving me this error message: “edge index exceeds the edge count of the brep”

make a _Pipe using the edge, then split all surfaces and finally, blendSrf or _sweep2 defining 2 blendcurves at the ends

this doesn’t work as the angle between the surfaces changes. If I do what you suggest, at some points I will have the right tangential relationship with the pipe and at other points no.

Hello - the idea is to split up the surfaces with a pipe that is centered on the edges, then create new tangent surfaces to fill the gap. But, your comment about FilletSrf above is mysterious,

that message is not from FilletSrf, it does not care about edges.



since I don’t have the original file, everything works fine here. Perhaps there are other problems in the geometry but here you can see a few strategies.

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