FilletEdge handles cannot be dragged


I have a client who complains that the FilletEdge handles in his install of MacRhino cannot be dragged to change the radius, when activated, they will only respond to keyboard inputs. Has anyone else experienced this? He has a brand new iMac 27" with 5120 x 2880 retina display, plus a second monitor with 1920 x 1200. He also complains that the numbers on the handle on-screen display are tiny and can’t read them - I suppose this is also a byproduct of the retina display? Any workaround here?

I cannot reproduce either behavior on my mid-2010 MacBookPro 17" with its normal 1920 x 1200 display, dragging a fillet handle works as expected, and type size is small, but readable. Both machines have latest Mac Rhino (5.0.2) and Yosemite 10.10.4.

Thanks, --Mitch

Mac Rhino 5.1 5B92w is the latest version isn’t it?

Yes, the higher the res the smaller the handles. This renders manual adjustment, or variability, of fillet edge nearly useless.

I can drag them but it is really really hard and almost pointless since it is almost impossible to read the feedback.

Fixing this should be higher on the priority list IMO.

Could we have the dimensions echoed on the bottom bar where X,Y,Z position is displayed. I would like to see a lot more info echoed here in a larger font.

That’s the WIP, not the release version.

@marlin, @dan can you confirm this is the problem? Thx, --Mitch

Adding this is a nice feature, Bill, still what is pressing…

…is the readability, and ability to interact with, the handles, that, on a “Retina” (which was implied but not not specifically stated) for all intensive purposes does not work, rendering this core feature useless on these displays. Retinas represent all new Mac laptops and soon-to-be more desktop models.

The handles need to interpret screen ppi and adjust accordingly, providing input a human can interact with.

As Helvetosaur indicated, the issue is even borderline problematic on non-retina laptops.

Like you @Helvetosaur, I can’t reproduce this on my MacBook Pro - on a retina or a non-retina display. I think it’s time I got one of those new-fangled iMacs with the 5k Retina Display. I don’t know of any workaround. @marlin? This one sounds so plausible to me that I’m tempted to log it even without personally reproducing it.

Yes, I see this. If I drag a modeling window between a retina display and a non-retina display while in the middle of a FilletEdge command, the text size changes. I fixed this in June, but something has broken my fix. I’ll fix it again.

This is already fixed in RhinoWIP, and is not yet in Rhinoceros 5.0.x. It will be included in Rhinoceros 5.1.

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On WIP 5B81w and 5B92w, can confirm handles are scaling perfectly on a non Apple 4K set between “Best…” and “More Space.” I think it was the previous WIPs that were not.


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Without a doubt, sir! Expense it… :wink:

Not just a boon for keeping development current, I’d predict you’ll love it so much you’ll never (want to) look back.