FilletEdge best approach this object?

Hi, V5
I need 1.49 fillet rads on the edges shown ( not along base of item) but end up with V shaped holes.

what is best approach ?

(also the other outside edge needs 1.49 but thats easy.)

FilletEdge gaps.3dm (331.2 KB)


something like the attached is how I would do it
FilletEdge gaps_SG.3dm (351.6 KB)

it requires a bit of work, exploding splitting, making a helper surface etc. I can make a step by step if you like

Hi Steve - to keep the thing as all-fillets, Explode, Untriim these surfaces:


Then FilletSrf between those two surfaces, then trim, clean up and make good.

FilletEdge gaps_PG.3dm (282.0 KB)