Fillet shape like eiffel tower fails boolean Difference

Eiffel towerish cutter fails boolean Difference

I am trying to add in the tapering fillet going to the scallop.
I create the cross section shape with radii corners to meet correctly with the existing surface.
I create the taper curve upwards and rotate to other face.
Sweep2 the profile upwards, cap the result.

Boolean Difference it and fails.

What needs doing to fix this as surely it must work ?

or what is best way to make that fillet as seen ?
Eiffel towerish boolean difference fail.3dm (395.6 KB)


Hi Steve - I’d make the BooleanDifference with something that fully intersects like this
Then fillet the edges


Set file tolerane to .0001

That said, I don’t think this is the way to replicate the merssy detail here… the image shows a killed vertical edge that you can take advantage of if you really need to build these micro defects.


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Hi Pascal,
I was wondering best way to replicate the continuous curving edge of the scallop so thought stage 1 sharp edge then stage 2 create the worn edge, the area that is missing that probably is giving the continuous curve. Its the same on the other side of the object as well, they didnt want a sharp corner there.

I will try for the method you suggest, perhaps with FilletEdge and add in some fillet radii to get the increasing width of the fillet to achieve the rounded nature of the top of the scallop.

I wish there was a sculpting tool one could brush edges with, as if in a mesh prog :grinning: