My Fillet Is Failing-Again!

Hello Forum, struggling with a fillet again! I’m trying to run a small bullnose along the stepped outer edges of this stonework, it fails (or I fail :man_shrugging:) , any input most welcome, screenshot and sample file attached, tia
(Rhino7 latest service release)
Fillet Failure.3dm (781.9 KB)

The sides of your section curve aren’t precise so when you boolean union all blocks you end up with very narrow faces…

I fixed the section and used MergeAllCoplanarFaces to get rid of unnecessary edges.

If you want to fillet just the edge I started it’s easy. If you need to fillet the edges on the pointy triangles too, it gets complicated.

What’s the goal of this fillet action?

Fillet like this.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hi Martin, thanks for the iput, much appreciated. Purpose is for fabrication of stonework benches, both PDF layout sheets and CAD lineworks needed. Uhmm, I didn’t think my curves were the problem, can you explain

I’ll check curves now, cheers

When you mirror your curve the “vertical” sides are not collinear. By a small bit only and that’s causing problems. Doesn’t need to be exactly vertical but the sides of your curve should be symmetrical…

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Yes I see it, tiny but enough to throw a fillet action into a big fat fail ! Many thanks for clarifying, cheers :pray: :+1:

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Beat me to it… :grinning: