Fillet Question

I’ve an issue here that’s not happened before with the same object. In past versions I was able to get a 4mm fillet on the the edge in question, Now I can only get up to 2mm without the fail shown in the images.

Fillet (462.2 KB)


@JKayten, a fillet done with _FilletEdge can only be so large that it remains on the surface which belongs to that edge. To create a larger fillet, extract the 3 coplanar faces shown below and delete them. Then _Cap the planar hole to close the part and fillet using radius 4mm.


I see. The surface edge, despite it’s coplanar condition is still a limit. I used merge coplanar surfaces on this and the edge remained. I suppose that indicates a small discrepency in the the surfaces that were made with the boolean function.

Thanks for the clarification

It’s not the boolean function that introduces discrepancies in your models!

I didn’t mean that. What I meant was the discrepencies allowed by the boolean function.