Fillet Issue: Creates a point opening

In this fille I have filleted an edge at 0.03" to 0.00" at the end.
Problem19.3dm (124.2 KB)

The fillet convert the closed solid into an open solid. Showing naked edges, it appears that there is a naked point that I cannot seem to be able to select, let alone close.

  1. How could I prevent fillet from opening up like this?
  2. Or how can I close this up.

I have a similar part that does not cause this problem.

I have left the oppose edge unchanged to you can play with it.

For now, TestRemoveAllNakedMicroloops will fix this one… I’ll see if I can see how to avoid the problem, but I suspect with four edges coming together there, it may not work out.


What would be the process for rebuilding the surface?