Fillet on this obj

is there a way to fillt this object?
i know it is to small to fillet, but is there a way to create a fillet on this edges?

Up1.3dm (102.6 KB)

its generally difficult to filet something which has a filet already. which edge exactly and how strong would you want them to be filleted? in worst case you have to take the pieces of the failed attempt and finish it manually.

this edges

Anything can be filleted… ; )

If the size of your fillet is smaller than the one on the vertical front edge - so there is “meat” enought for it to run around that edge - no problem. Otherwise, it’s best to do all fillets together, meaning the two you’re indicating plus the one you’ve already put on the vertical front edge.

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i did it
it is not working


*simplify your shapes. I’ve got a bit sick by observing your surface data due to wavy edges. :slight_smile:
*blend/fillet edges, don’t rely on global filleting. Algorithms tend to fail on corners (on any CAD platform)
*make sure corner blends are tangent everywhere, also at edgecorners (see in second image)

Oh and: Practice, Practice and Practice. Do it 100 times, after a while you get the it done. As Lagom said, you can fillet everything. But make it easy .Never cheat. Work as simple as possible, always check if surfaces allow good filleting, prevent solution with complex cornerblends and ask yourself if its really necessary to bring in so much complexity.


yes tomtom made it easy for himself :stuck_out_tongue:

i tried to respect your wish filleting only those 2 edges you asked for and also keeping that funny elliptic fillet you already had which led to a huge mess. your geometry produces a fillet which does not meet both corners together. not a smooth solution in general.

but just for the fun of it here you go. its not a perfectly correct genius solution but it gets you closer i guess. that means dont even try a zebra it brutally will fail that.

Up1.3dm (3.2 MB)

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Hello Al

Attached is my proposal to your project.

I have learned the hard way that one cannot fillet an object in Rhino with just one command. So then I start like this:
1 - see what _FilletEdge does (I hesitate to use it in a complex shape only because the selection process takes too long and most frequently ends up being a waste of my time)
2 - see what _FilletSrf does (I never choose extend & trim/ I do it by hand when needed). There are times when I am not happy with the outcome (usually happens when the surfaces are not the best) so then I rebuild the fillets through _Sweep2, & curve blending (arc blending quite often) to generate my lines/edges
3 - for complex fillet intersections I use _NetworkSrf , patch, VariableFilletSrf, _BlendSrf
4 - not in the least, if all above do not yield desired results, then start tweaking the radii of your fillets and then try again.

That’s about it.


PS: I saw a Russian made video here where EndBulge was used very elegantly. I am yet to master that command.

Up1_C.3dm (288.5 KB)

thanks everyone for the help :wink: