Fillet of rhino 6


I’m having problems with the fillet of rhino 6

when the shapes are too small the fillet is not applied straight

is there any way to get fillet in small ways?
any configuration on rhino?

thank you

Could your tolerance be set too high?

Hello - please post a file with the object you’re asking about and the desired fillet radius, I’ll take a look.


the before - behind
and then forward

fillet 0.01

the surfaces disappear in place of the filletfillet.3dm (447.0 KB)

Hello - @TheCyclist was on the money - the file tolerance is .01 - you should create models from the start with tolerance at least 10X smaller than the smallest ‘feature’ in your model. In addition the object being filleted has edges that are way out of tolerance (What command):

Valid polysurface.
closed solid polysurface with 30 surfaces.
Edge Tally:
72 manifold edges
Edge Tolerances: 0.00 to 2.00
median = 0.71 average = 0.70
Vertex Tolerances: 0.00 to 0.02
median = 0.01 average = 0.01

And needs to be cleaned up. If you explode the object and RebuildEdges on the surfaces it ends up like this:


Not good…

More info on tolerance here:

Lastly, for now, if you only need to the fillets for appearance - rendering say - as I suspect since they are so small, consider using ApplyEdgeSoftening




Hello, thanks

I will have processing problem (computer locking) with extremely low tolerance?

Hello - no - .001 0r .0001 is not what I’d call extremely small - that is right in Rhino’s comfortable range. Trim curves are made denser by small tolerances, but you absolutely should not be making surfaces that are smaller than 10x tolerance.


these objects with extremely low tolerance can generate some problem when the file is exported to max, to be rendered in max?

If you use Vray in Max, it has similar faked fillets as the edge softening in Rhino in the node called “Vrayedgestex”, so you shouldn’t have to do these very small fillets to get a realistic render.