Fillet Edge Issue

I am having problems getting a fillet edge onto the top side of the attached object.

My hopes were to have a .01" or greater fillet edge… but I’m having to back it way down to about .002" to keep it from resulting in an open solid with broken edges.

I tried it in both Ver 5 and Ver 6 but it didn’t work in either version.

Any suggestions?



Example part for Fillet.3dm (82.8 KB)

Hi Kent - your file tolerance is .01 - way too large for a .01 fillet. That said the angle of the surfaces there at the pointy bits is going to be trouble. If you use a DistanceBetweenRails rail type, you might get something but it may be that a fillet just does not fit nicely around that corner and you’ll need to build a surface by hand there.

The fillet needs to transition from a large arc to a very shallow one in a very short span - that seems to be what is causing trouble:


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