Fillet surface problem

Hi everyone,
Iam modelising a litle speaker for a personal project but whil I am trying to get a fillet surface of 0.01 on all these edge:

I encouter a problem as the surface delete itself.

this fillet is to get a nice shiny edge on the render and generally when it doesn’t want to make a fillet I add the effect on photoshop. But it happen so many times that I would like to understand how to solve this problem in general.

Thanks for your help


Can you post a 3dm file?
Ciao Vittorio

here is the file
Speakers - copie.3dm (127.3 KB)

Hi Paul- I’ll take a look at the file and the filleting, but for rendering you can save a lot of effort by using ApplyEdgeSoftening.



I tried a few things like rebuilding the rim surface as a revolve and the self intersecting notch surface, the fillet still bombed. I got it to work with at .04mm. It looks to me like a geometric condition problem at the intersection of the fillets being too small (sliver like at .01).

The file tolerance is .01, which is the same as the fillet radius- that is unlikely to work- try to work at a tolerance that is at least 10x the size of the smallest feature. In this case changing tolerance to .001 helps.

Edit: sorry, and thanks David- I said the exact opposite of what I meant to- the tolerance should be 10x smaller than the smallest feature…


Pascal --> I didn’t knew there was a specific tolerence for a file, how can i change that?
Also the option ApplyEdgeSoftening seems to be very interesting but I can’t find it.

Sratosfear --> So you think that the shape make it impossible to put fillet of 0.01? do you have an idea to do it in an other way?



Pascal was right the file tolerance is the issue. I should have checked that, I just assumed.

Pascal meant the the tolerance which is at least 1/10 of the size of the smallest feature, not 10X the size. For example if the smallest feature is 0.01 then the absolute tolerance should be 0.001 or smaller.

To change model tolerances:

File tab > Properties > Document Properties > Units > Model > Units and tolerances


DocumentProperties command > Units > Model > Units and tolerances

ok thanks now it works perfectly :slight_smile: but i’m curious about the “ApplyEdgeSoftening” what is it and how can i use it?

Hi Paul- you can always check Help. Type the command at the command line, or find the icon on the Rendering Tools tab (Cyan filleted corner looking thing, center-right, or Render menu > Effects, then hit F1 to get the Help topic.