Fillet Leaving Gaps

Problem32.3dm (201.8 KB)

In the attached, I am trying to fillet the edges at 0.125 and I am encountering a frequent problem (as shown here) that the fillet results in gaps in the surface. It occurs regardless of radii used.

What can one do to avoid this problem?

Here is what I ended up doing. I Filleted the frames used to create the shape. Then I filleted the solid in one direction only. That seems to work.

That’s a good solution. The issue is one you’ll see where more than three edges intersect. We have a few feature requests/bug reports on file that relate to this too. The issue is a tough one to solve in all cases as I understand it but here’s another workflow to close up the gap.

I Exploded the model and Split two of the fillet surfaces by isocurve to remove the ends. Then BlendCrv followed by Pull and Trim to remove the sharp corner on the large side surface. One more BlendCrv to an edge to create a cross section in the gap and then two NetworfSrfs using tangent matches to surface edges where needed.
Problem32_bjames.3dm (665.4 KB)

Thanks for the suggestion here.

The one had 4 edges coming together. But I get similar problems with only 3 edges. I sometimes can solve this by using one radius for two the edges then calculate what the 3d should be myself.