Fillet Edge


Im having a problem with fillet edge on a specific surface shown below. The object dimensions are roughly 8000X24000X8500, what im looking to do is fillet edge by a radius of 1000, however it is not able to do so.

Below is an example of how it turns out when fillet edge by radius of 1000.

I want all the edges to be rounded and for the object to hold its form, its not very important to keep all the radiuses at 1000 however that would be ideal if possible.

I tried fillet edge with a smaller radius of 100 and it works fine, it starts to break apart at about 300 radius. below is the radius of 100.

Untitled.3dm (365.4 KB)

1000 is too big for your shape.

or you can force it and use the pipe trim trick-