Microscopic holes off a 0 radius fillet end, is there a simple way to

I’d really love not to have to go into a deep operation to struggle to seal this part.

is there a simple way here? zooming in, these tiny edges appear as if free floating, and i can’t find the gap to join.

with thanks
akash microscopic holes.3dm (1.6 MB)

Hi Akash - use testRemoveAllNakedMicroLoops (a test command, you’ll need to type the whole thing or copy/paste, it will not autocomplete. Note test commands are not supported and are ‘use at your own risk’)


thank you Pascal !!!
that fixed it all on one go
magical really

Looking again, events the naked micro loops are gone, Object property [at the top] say Open Polysurface, but in the details farther down it says closed poly, so I’m a bit confused here? there are now these 6 singular edges [but no naked edges]
any idea perhaps? i see also there is the Normal orientation comment. is there also a magic command to correct orient the whole polysurface in one go? or perhaps it is not too much of a problem, ?

with many thanks

Yeah… a less magical but in this case more robust fix would be to ExtractSrf all the fillets that end in a point, and turn on control points & window around the points at the very tips of the fillets, and then SetPt (x,y,z) snapping to the end points of the other surfaces that finish up there. How does that work?


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yes thank you Pascal
this method worked, and i learned some very important stuff here.
there are still some 10 singular edges…? but otherwise it is closed .

with best regards

Thanks Pascal,

My fix for those fillets that end in a point is to extract, split with isocurve (right direction), then sweep 2 rails.

I will try the set points one next tine.

Nothing wrong with those - you made them by setting that very last row of points on the fillets down to a single point - when all the points along an edge are crunched down to one location, that’s a singularity - you get them at the poles of spheres, for example.


Thank you Pascal
learning more every day through this forum .

  • hope the micro-loop command make it into the command set eventually, added an aliases for it so i won’t forget.
    this was not the first time to have been hunted by these dreaded red dots :relieved: