Fillet failure

Pipe blend issueWalkie PC version 008.3dm (10.1 MB)

Hello, Im wondering if someone can point me in the right direction? This one whole will not fillet probably because its near another surface. I duplicated the edge and joined the curve but when I use the pipe command to make room for a surface blend, nothing happens?

Any help would be appreciated!



if you change the tolerance to .01mm, the fillet will work.

File-> Settings-> Units… Model-> Absolute tolerance

Hi Jeff, Rick - this is generally not a good idea unless that new tolerance is actually an acceptable one for the final product. Here, I’d use FilletSrf, with Trim=Yes and then finish the trimming with the new surface and Join.


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in addition, without evaluating your data: Auto fillet often fails at spots where underlying surfaces are matched together, which isn’t due to a bad algorithm, but rather due to discontinuities on existing shapes. For surfaces, discontinuities can be local, meaning one part of the edge is connected with a certain continuity where other parts are not. Unfortunate Rhino doesn’t offer good tools to spot local discontinuities, however you can prevent them in a filleting scenario: by for instance moving matching edges away, by merging two surfaces into one, by simplifying a shape into one, or by increasing the matching quality . Another problem can occur if your shape has to many control points, because the more cps the more unsmooth your shape gets. And even if this unsmoothness is not visible, for algorithms this matters…

Thanks TomTom

Thanks Jeff!