Fillet Edges


I can’t fillet edges of the model. It says "Failure in building corners.” or "Failure in trimming input."
Before filleting, the steps I have followed are,

Drawing Closed Curves+Planar Curves+Extrude Straight
Drawing Curves and making solid for the intersection in the layer 03-01-InterSection.
Boolean Intersection 2 solids.
Fillet Edges (All edges of the object) 0.05 mm

I have attached the folder. Could anyone help me to solve the problem, please?

WL P02-V03.3dm (6.7 MB)

Hello - one thing is, you should avpid building models at a tolerance anywhere near the radius of the smallest fillet you mean to apply - here, .05 is much too close to the file tolerance of .01. See

This works here at a tolerance of .0001. But keep in mind that the model should be started at a tighter tolerance - it is generally not a good idea to tighten tolerances mid stream. (Setting up a template file helps a lot)
Hm - I tested in V6 - but try on the mac at .0001 and see…


Hi Pascal,
Thank you for your help!
I set up a new file with the tolerance 0.0001 and just copy pasted the curves and did all steps to create the model. But fillet edges didn’t work again. I tried both in RhinoMac and Microsoft RhinoV6. Both says "Failure in building corners.” Also, I tried different radiuses such as 0.08mm and 0.1 mm … Same results :frowning:

What can I do?

Hello - I’ll attach what I get from V6 - is that the result what you’re trying for?

WL P02-V03_PG.3dm (3.4 MB)


Hi all,
I have a problem with fillet edges again.
I have just started learning rhino and designing jewellery in here.

The model at the attachment was modelled with 90 deg. curves. I used Loft to model the top surface and sweep2 for the side surfaces.

After making all surfaces, unioned them and then I wanted to fillet the edges. But it doesn’t work. I started the file by setting the tolerance which is 0.001.

Also, I tried to make the same model with filleted curves for the edge looks like a cog wheel. But this time. The sweep2 didn’t create the side faces.

I need a bit filleted edges all over the object. What is the best to do it?
What do you suggest to model this type of object?