Issue with FilletEdge Command

I am trying to use the FilletEdge command on Rhino for Mac and it keeps failing.

I extruded a planar curve into a solid and then tried to apply a fillet to the solid using the FilletEdge command. The fillet keeps failing. I tried reducing the radius but it’s not working for any radius.

See the attached model. Try to apply a 0.005 radius fillet to the solid using the FilletEdge command. In my case, it fails.

Does anyone know why this isn’t working and how to get it to work?

Cuff Links.3dm (46.9 KB)

Works fine here on Windows, radius = .05, all edges selected at once… checking on the Mac, hang on a bit. Yep, fine on Rhino for Mac as well - set the radius to .05, window around the whole thing to select all edges… Enter… presto. Any luck?
Cuff Links_PG.3dm (189.7 KB)

Ah, sorry - .005… you’ll need to set the file tolerance to .001 at the most, .0005 would be better. generally, set the tolerance before you start to 10X smaller, than the smallest ‘feature’ you expect to add. Or somewhat smaller even than that.


Yes, it looks like the tolerance was the issue. I went into Settings and changed the Absolute tolerance to 0.0005 and the fillet worked perfectly.

Thanks so much for your help Pascal!