Fillet Edge

Hello everyone,

I am trying to fillet a edge of my solid but even if it select it as the edge i would like to fillet it keeps giving me the same result… and besides that, how could I use different radius to the same fillet edge as it is possible in rhino?

Thanks in advance!



Fillet Edge “Edge” input needs an integer, you are connecting a curve (which is converted to 0 or 1 …) , that’s your problem.

Use directly your slider value (an integer) to the “Edge” input and it will work as intended.

About variable filled (you meant that?), see here: Variable fillet in GH?

Ohh, didn’t know this! Thanks man!

yes i mean that, but the solution is too complex =(

If you want to control just the start and end radius of the fillets, you can do it with a script.
If you want 3 or more radii per edge, you need to use rhino, then.

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